What is it?

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a supervised  ongoing programme that includes exercise training, health education, and breathing techniques for people who have lung conditions.

It is a programme of education and exercise to increase awareness about your lungs and your disease. You will learn to achieve exercise with less shortness of breath. The classes are offered in a group setting so you get the chance to meet others with your condition. The skills and knowledge learned in the programme will possibly help you to manage your lung disease more effectively

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What happens at Rehab?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a supervised programme that includes exercise training, health education, and breathing techniques.

How does it help me?

Pulmonary rehabilitation can help by:

  • reducing your breathlessness,

  • increasing the muscle strength in you arms and legs,

  • increasing your stamina and endurance,

  • giving you a better understanding of your condition,

  • increasing your confidence in your own abilities to control your symptoms, such as breathlessness,

  • increasing independence in your everyday life,

  • improving your health related quality of life.   

How do I get onto a programme

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You will need to speak to your GP who will assess your suitability for the programme and then refer to you to a local programme run by your local NHS. Their programmes run generally for 6 weeks and you will be required to attend  twice a week for the 6 weeks. Each session is 2 hours and it is important that you complete the 12 sessions

Once you have completed the NHS Programme you are then eligible to join the BreatheEasy Eastbourne programme.

Our partnership

We work in Partnership with Brighton University Physiotherapy Students